Why a Caesarean section is needed?

Many reasons could be attributed for a Caesarean section delivery. In most times there are performed of a medical need, but sometimes that is not the case. Some women may opt for this course of delivery and the reasons tend to vary. Whatever might be the reason, let us throw more light on a C section delivery and it should help you to recover in a positive and helpful manner. The key is to ensure that it is non-regrettable and a memorable experience.

The process starts off by taking control of the situation. The doctor is going to ask you for a C section and in most cases you are going to need one. The onus is really on you to accept the idea behind it. If there is time then you would need to discuss the situation with other people around you. It could be very well possible that they might be part of this situation. But when it comes to an emergency there is no scope of debate, so you would need to understand the ifs along with buts about this type of surgery.

Research do points to the fact that women are less prone to depression or any form of emotional stress if they are prepared for a C section delivery. They should understand on why it is needed in the first place and participate in the process of decision making as well. If it is found that a C section is needed then you would need to plan for it. It would help you to develop a C section plan and this is based on your needs and not someone else’ needs. In most cases you cannot plan it and first time moms generally tend to face it without any expectation in the first place. Now the question is how you prepare for something that might be least on your minds. The key is to expect it happen and not be in for a surprise if some situation like this occurs. Why it is called a Caesarean and lot of stories are involved around it. It was assumed that the great Julius Cesar was born by this method of birth.

The main reasons for a C section could be

  • The medical specialists are going to repeat a C section delivery if you already had a C section in the past. Doctors normally recommend this type of birth as there is a risk of uterine rupture in such cases
  • The size of the baby is large enough and it cannot pass through the birth canal. To figure out the exact size is not a rocket size, but more large the baby the higher chances of doctors recommending
  • If there are twins the chances of a C section increases all the more. But it is not a sure shot situation that it is going to occur. It to a great extend is dependent upon the position of the first baby as they need to be in a head down position.

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