What a World cup so far!

While lots of us were having some misgivings about the World Cup being in Russia its starting to seem quite unfounded. The Russian fans have been great, friendly and curious about the many different people from all nationalities that have descended on their country. Reports have been coming back how they are the perfect hosts and they have even been supporting England. Many have commented on how It’s unusual for England fans to be liked.  On that note England have been playing very well, even netting a record 6 goals in the last game against Panama. They have obviouslybeen hard at it preparing and watching Soccer training drills like the ones you can find on https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Soccer/drills.jsp. What will happen now the group stages are coming to an end? Who will go through?

One of the best elementsis the fact the we have, so far, not had any nil-nil draws.There has been at least one goal scored in every game.This have never happened before, and many are putting it down to the new VAR system that helps referees. They have certainly been a lot more penalties awarded although some have said that there should have been more considering how some players are reacting in the box. Harry Kane being wrestled to the ground at corners being one example. The use of goal line technology has also been used and that is surely a good thing. Few of us can forget Frank Lampard’s excellent goal against Germany being rule out even though it clearly crossed the line. The Ref’s now have a ring that vibrates when the ball cross’s over and one ref rather pointedly showed that to some Spanish players in their clash against Portugal. Unfortunately, it is bringing out some of the worst aspects of the game with players diving and alsoappealing to the referee to consult VAR if they think a decision is wrong. Time will tell if the system is ok.

As the time of writing the Hosts Russia are through and will play Spain whilst Uruguay top the group and will play Portugal. Uruguay and Spain will be favourites togo through there, but the Russians are uplifted as they thought the team wouldn’t even get out of the group. We have had to say goodbye to the spirited Iran team who almost bested Portugal whilst the Saudi Arabia team recorded there first world cup win against Egypt in a match that did not disappoint even though both teams were already out. Morocco will also be disappointed after giving good account of themselves against Spain. The other groups will soon be settled this week. England are already through as are the next opponentsBelgium but who they will play against in the last 16 is anyone’s guess as group H has proved to close to call. It will be either Senegal, Japan or Columbia. It will not be the seeded team Poland, they have lost both their group matches and are playing for pride.

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