Mine, Mine, Mine, And Some More Mine!


People these days will believe anything and everything if the right amount of deception coupled with the devious ways of luring people into what they believe in with terms of their sentiments as well as with their social emotions. That is what the corporate companies and the other marketers who use various gimmicks to fool people and also trap them into beleiveing that something si worth their time, money and effort without the use of much energy and less sacrifice on their part. By doing this people also fall for it due to the power sentiments and social agendas that people have that the companies are able to exploit. This gullible behaviour is something that should be addressed and more people must be made aware of what they are getting into. If people are going to invest in a new stock they must be made aware of the pros and cons of it, if a group of people are planning to do cloud mining then their interest and the risks involved in it should be clearly explained, and if people are buying any new product that is relatively new in the market then they must be informed of the good and the bad features of the product without fail.

The Cause And Effect Relationship

There is always some kind of relation between the things that will happen in the world and the reasons as to why it happened the way it happened. When we find out about that very relationship then that is when the true nature of things start to unravel and everything becomes that much clearer. It ranges from a murder and a crime scene that has some sort of link with the rich and/or gangs, a cloud mining affair that must be done in a safe and legit way as to reap the most benefits, and may be the relationship between the world’s polar ice caps melting and the pollution that is being generated by powerful and commercially huge countries.


Ideally, the people must be informed of everything that they are being offered by the corporates and even by the governments as to the validity and the merits and the demerits of them in order for people to have full trust in the companies and governments.


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