Hurry And Vote For Your Favorite Contestant On Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is the popular TV reality show that is in trending these days. This reality show is shown in Vijay TV. Around 14 contestants are put in the same house and are asked to stay in that place for around 100 days. They are supposed to live together without the contact of the outside world. No media showcase will be happening in the house. In other words no mobile or TV or internet is allowed inside the house. The activities of the contestants will be noted via camera and will be telecasted in the show. The show will be hosted and monitored by the show’s host Mr. Kamal Hassan. Every week there will be votes taken against the contestants. This is for the elimination round.

Voting For Bigg Boss Contestants

All the contestants are allowed to nominate any other contestant for elimination. Each person can nominate a maximum of 2 people for the round of elimination. Then the show’s host will gather these votes and publish a list of contestants who are suitable for elimination round. This decision is arrived by the maximum number of nominations by the bigg boss contestants. After the list of contestants for elimination is published the public can start voting for these contestants. This bigg boss tamil vote can be done by the public in order to save their favorite contestants from elimination. The contestant votes are then gathered and the person with the least number of votes will be sent out of the show and also the bigg boss house. The final decision of the voting and the number of votes along with the elimination contestants will be decided by the Vijay TV management. The eliminated contestant will be announced on the show by the show’s host Kamal Hassan.

The total number of votes will be told openly on the show. The number of votes for each contestant will not be announced publicly. The public has two options available to vote for their favorite contestant and save them from elimination. One option is to do via online voting poll. The other method is via the missed call option. For the first option of online vote, a person has to go to Google and log in to their Google account. Then search on Google for bigg boss voting. After that he can cast the vote for the contestant. An email id can be used for casting a maximum of 10 votes and this limit is applicable for one day. While going through the other option a phone number is given for each contestant. The person who is voting should dial the number which is given for a contestant and give a missed call to it. This will be counted as one vote.

Contestants And Elimination

There is a popular question asked regarding the bigg boss show. Is the elimination going to happen every week? The answer for this question is that for most of the week’s elimination happens. As a result a contestant with the least number of votes is sent out. But there are some weeks where elimination does not happen and the elimination round is skipped. This decision is also made by the Vijay TV management. When looking at the recent episodes there are a number of fights which keep happening. One such fight is the one between a contestant and Mumtaz. Since in the recent episodes Mumtaz was showing a lot of care towards other contestants there was a doubt slowing started spreading which stated that Mumtaz is actually a fake and the reactions are false. The behavior was stated as part of game tactics for the show. This view was given by Riythvika. When taking this fight and discussion into account, it was seen that most of the contestants along with the audience were in support for Riythvika. Apart from this the hot topic is that Yaashika Ananad is the captain of the house. It is to be noted that in frequent intervals a captain is appointed for the bigg boss house. This captain role will have a rotation of contestants and it will keep changing. With the present captain role given to Yaashika it is by the game rules that the captain cannot be sent out. Hence Yaashika cannot be chosen for the nomination of the elimination round. The online polling which collects the votes for the elimination of the contestants will be carried out during the weekdays that are Monday to Friday. It is also seen that the show’s host will not be present during all the episodes. Only for selected episodes that are the ones which are shown during the weekends will have Kamal Hassan appearing on the show. The votes and results cannot be seen anywhere else except Vijay TV.

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