Effects of elections on economy of India

The fascination and involvement of the Indian voters with the elections have been a keenly studied phenomenon. The parliamentary elections in India have been witnessed with the interest of all the stakeholders. And the elections are not at all different. The elections are more keenly observed when the state of evolving equations is among the political diaspora. Theintraparty squabbles over the ticket allocation as well as the daily changing equation between the parties offer the finest of what one needs to know about the Indian politics. As a matter of fact, the country is in transition and the desire of India to remain a favorite amongst the emerging economies will always remain post the elections. Upon a successful election campaign, if the political party wins, then it can be impactful for the Indian economy. As a matter of fact, the political consulting firms like Leadtech.in also provide useful strategies for a successful political campaign. There are multiple effects of the election on the economy of India. Mentioned below are some of them.

  1. Role of the Indian businessmen in the Elections

The role of the businessmen in India in the general elections has always been strongly debated. It has been suggested that India Inc. come out in support openly of the recent Prime Minister as the best suited candidate who has taken over the legacy of the previous names. Given that there are appropriate examples of the growing influence of India as an emerging market, the interest, as well as reaction of those international stock markets, will be interestingto the current elections.As a matter of fact, the government has spent over two lakh crores every year on the fuel subsidies. According to sources, more than 50% of diesel subsidy benefit goes to the upper half of the population. While on the other hand, other half needs the subsidy and receives only a small percent of the benefit. As a matter of fact, the stand taken by the new government will actually be interestingon fuel subsidies.

  1. Elections and the Indian stock market

The positive impact is that the exports are showing the result of an upward trend. This will really be beneficial for the new government. However, the continuity and clarity of the policy will remain to be a concern. As a matter of fact, the GST implemented by the new government has added a certain percentage to the GDP. The UPA II has also tried seeking approval from the Election Commission of India in order to give the allowance for 100% of FDI in the Constructionas well as Railways sectors. And both happen to be the potential game changers for the economy of India in the mid as well aslong term. The election’s outcome after an election campaign can determine the stand of the government on the reforms process. The industry has also largely accepted the coalition of the governments and has also aligned itself to its reality.

  1. A downfall in the Price in the Local Market

There is some downfall in the prices of multiple products such as the non-subsidy cylinder. One can buy less than a certain amount of price. And along with that, the prices of the fruits, vegetables, seeds have also changed drastically. Moreover, the prices of metals like silver and gold have also decreased in the market with a jump in the share market.

Thus, these were the impacts of elections on the economy of India in recent years. A successful election campaign is just not the only thing to be handled effectively for getting a maximum number of votes. Instead, candidates will have to determine certain impacts of the elections in the Indian economy, such that after winning the election these things can be taken into consideration. There are prominent political consulting firms like Leadtech.in which offers great ways to enhance an election campaign. One can visit their official website for further information.

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