Different varieties of sewing machines

Sewing machines are used mainly for two purposes. One is for home use and the other is for commercial use. The machines used for commercial or industrial purpose is called a heavy duty sewing machine. Every sewing machine has its own salient features and you have to know it. Few machines will be able to stitch all kinds of fabric whereas few machines are capable of stitching only few materials. If you are in search of buying a sewing machine, then first decide the type of machine you want.There are different types of sewing machines available in the market. Among them there are four types of sewing machines are really popular. They are

  • Electronic sewing machine
  • Computerised sewing machine
  • Overlock sewing machine
  • Mechanical sewing machine

The electronic sewing machine are designed with a single powerful motor. This will electronically operates the needle or it automates the needle. There is no necessary for you to pedal and make stitches. At the same time you will have to control the stitching speed and stitches on the fabric properly. You can use an electronic foot pedal to control the speed of stitching. This machine contains many types of stitching patterns and different functions.

Computerised sewing machines are advanced type of sewing machine. This will provide you with LCD and LED display of the material being stitched. Hence it will allow you to make even tiny and detailed stitches very easy and simple. Also you can program your machine with instructions and the type of stitches that you want. There are more advanced features like this machine can memorise the past projects. This is really useful that you can make use of the pattern whenever needed. You can also download the designs you wish from the internet and stitch the same.

Overlock sewing machine will allow you to stitch all the fabrics that you like and finally you could overlocck it. This will ensure the quality of stitching. It will access double the speed of a normal or regular sewing machine. You can use multiple threads in this machine. Even best heavy duty sewing machine come with this overlock options. It will help you to do hemming and knitting. These are used for simple projects.

Mechanical sewing machine is the basic type sewing machine. This requires physical work and you will have to work hard for hours to produce more dresses. Though it is difficult many sewers prefer to buy this machine as it is durable and made of exclusive metal.

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